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Alcoholism The simple definition of alcoholism is an addiction to the consumption of alcohol.  Other definitions include compulsive behavior related to a dependency on alcohol or drinking that leads to a psychological and physical dependence on alcohol.  Regardless of the definition, alcoholism is a disorder that affects millions of individuals and knows no boundaries in...
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Problem Drinking Is Still a Drinking Problem

People who do not believe, or have no reason to believe, that they might be alcoholic do not ask themselves if they are alcoholic. Problem drinking is a drinking problem. Whether or not that drinking problem has resulted in fully developed chemical dependency, problem drinking can still become a drinking problem which can have negative...
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Does Marijuana Legalization Affect Alcohol Use?

Humans have been brewing and distilling alcoholic beverages for  millennia, on top of being used for entertainment, it is used in many religious ceremonies. Worldwide, no other mind altering substance is used more than alcohol. The reasons for alcohol’s popularity are varied, but perhaps the greatest cause of use (in developed nations) is the fact...
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Teen Nicotine Addiction Should Be As Important As Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Nicotine addiction can be extremely difficult to beat, a habit that often takes years to overcome. While cigarettes are legal for adults, more and more research indicates that smoking can make recovering from substance abuse much more difficult. In the United States, addiction treatment facilities take a number of different stances regarding tobacco use, such...
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