Marijuana Research Faces Many Obstacles

The ever-changing landscape of marijuana law throughout the country demands that copious amounts of scientific research be conducted. Without such studies, there is no way to understand the true risks of legalizing a drug that’s use has been prohibited for nearly a century. Recently, a new study was presented that showed that marijuana users are...
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DEA Denies Marijuana Reclassification

Marijuana prohibition in the United States, some would argue, has done more harm than good. While the drug is both habit forming and can lead to negative health consequences, many Americans are in favor of changing both state and federal marijuana laws. With November around the corner, many states will be voting on joining the...
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Teen Marijuana Use Has Doubled

With more states adopting relaxed marijuana laws, it probably comes as little surprise that teenage use of the drug is on the rise. A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that teen tobacco use has dropped by 64 percent, but teen marijuana use has doubled, HealthDay reports. Teen...
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Teenage Marijuana Use On The Decline

With more and more states adopting lighter stances on marijuana, both medical and recreational, many have had concerns about the effect it would have on teenagers. Medical marijuana has been approved in 23 states and D.C., and recreational use has been legalized in four states – with more expected to follow. While marijuana is considered...
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