These Are The Signs Of Healthy Relationship Habits

Relationships are a foundation of recovery. Working on ourselves during treatment is how we prepare ourselves to be in healthy relationships with others. Relationship therapy and counseling are common forms of therapy in treatment to repair damage done during active addiction. In addition, psychoeducational lectures about communication, relationships, and other partner-focused topics are offered to...
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Can I Date If I Have Bipolar Disorder?

There is no law or rule that says, “You have bipolar disorder, you cannot date.” Everyone is deserving of healthy and loving romantic relationships in life. When To Tell Them Some people prefer to wait after a relationship has been established to tell the person they are dating about their bipolar disorder. With the hopes...
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Relationships in Recovery

Recovery comes first is heard all the time by people actively working a program. Failure to heed those words can result in one’s recovery falling apart, forgetting this can be a slippery slope. With all the distractions in people’s lives it is easy to take your eye of the ball, resulting in the weakening of...
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