NSI-189 Approved For Final Test And Trial Test For NFLAA Members

English: A CT of the head years after a traumatic brain injury showing an empty space marked by the arrow were the damage occurred. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Interesting news week for Neuralstem, Inc. If you do not recognize the name Neuralstem, Inc. you can visit their website to get a better understanding of the type...
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Super Bowl Sunday: New Study Links Concussions And Depression

Prepping for Super Bowl Sunday It really was only a month ago when we were writing about the holidays and New Year’s resolutions. This week many, if not most, Americans are readying their plans to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday.  Yes, Super Bowl XLVII (for those of us not familiar with Roman Numerals, this is Super...
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Marijuana Petition Rejected

This week, The White House rejected a petition with 75,000 signatures asking for marijuana to be legalized and regulated in the same way alcohol is regulated. Known as the “We the People” project, The White House promises to respond quickly to any petition if it receives enough signatures. According to the “We the People” website,...
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