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Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction Internet addiction does not involve substances that one ingests nor does it involve compulsive shopping, eating disorders, or other process addictions.  This does not minimize the effects of an Internet addiction.  This addiction is not listed in the current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) but is seen...
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The Broad Category of Addictions

The Broad Category of Addictions   An addiction is a broad term used to describe a pattern of compulsive behaviors related to any activity—using drugs, drinking, gambling, sex, shopping, work, investing, gaming, Internet use, exercise, or even other people. Drinking and using drugs involves the ingestion of a substance; however, there are numerous addictions that...
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Step Into Life: A Foot Journey Across America

People living a life of recovery traveled a rocky road to get where they are today. Both addiction and recovery are journeys, while the former a road to the depths of solitude and despair – the latter is one of hope and renewal. Many addicts spend many years alone, struggling to make ends meet and...
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