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black and white image of Amy Speace, taken by Neilson Hubbard

Tipping the Crucible: How Artist Amy Speace Forged a New Existence

“It’s only my experience, but all the therapy I did before I got sober was me telling myself and the therapist lies, whether blatant or subconscious,” folk/Americana singer-songwriter Amy Speace tells Cottonwood Tucson. “How could I really dig into trauma if I was medicating, not feeling the deep feelings?” But addiction recovery was only the...
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Have You Assessed Your Values Lately?

Have You Assessed Your Values Lately? At some point during the recovery process, you will need to assess their values and incorporate those values that support recovery. These values should oppose the addiction. You might have little in terms of a value system. This does not necessarily mean that you have no values, it simply...
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