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Group Therapy

  Substance abuse treatment might include group therapy sessions. Many individuals do not enjoy group therapy, as they think they cannot share problems openly and confidentially. Others may not like talking about intimate issues in front of others. There are advantages to group therapy that often cannot be found in other types of treatment. Group...
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How Do You Problem-Solve in Recovery?

How Do You Problem-Solve in Recovery?   Recovery is a time to learn new ways of thinking, and solving problems that may arise.  For so long, you were dependent on alcohol or drugs to get you through, however, now you will solve problems with a clear mind and find workable solutions.  Most of the decisions...
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How to Speak to your Family about your Recovery

Speaking to your family about your recovery is a crucial part of the healing process. It can seem like a real challenge, especially if you’re embarrassed and remorseful for your behavior while you were using. Knowing that they’ve seen you at your worst can be a lot to bare. Yet shedding light on the situation...
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Benefits Of Therapy During and After Treatment

Regularly seeing a therapist is a normal part of recovery for most people who go to treatment. Everyone who goes to treatment will see an individual therapist as well as work with multiple group therapists. Part of discharge planning, as well as working through transitional levels of treatment, includes incorporating therapy into part of recovery...
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