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Adapting to a Healthy Diet During Recovery

We all function at our best when we eat fresh, whole foods. The body is an intricate machine and the mind a complex computer. Junk food, substance use, dehydration, and other harmful practices contaminate our systems, creating malfunctions. Poor eating habits and lack of physical exercise have a cumulative effect. In fact, the Office of...
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What Do I Do After a Bingeing Episode?

Binge eating disorder is the most common eating disorder in America. Binges are also part of other eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Even for those who don’t have a diagnosable eating disorder, but struggle with disordered eating, there can be episodes of binging. After a binging episode, remember to have patience with...
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How Does Diet and Nutrition Affect Mental Health?

Food is medicine. Increasingly, this is becoming a scientific fact more than a spiritual sentiment. Food is medicine. For those who are living with mental health conditions including substance use disorders, a healthy and balanced nutrition full of the right kind of foods can help the treatment process. Food can support the work of prescribed...
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Can Diet Help With Depression?

In February, a new study from Australia proved that dietary changes can help with depression. Increasingly, there is study being done to highlight the mind-stomach connection. Everything from diet to gut bacteria is being examined for its relationship to emotional regulation in the brain. The new research from Australia used dietary changes as a control,...
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