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Do Individuals Over 50 Have Specific Treatment Needs?

  Do Individuals Over 50 Have Specific Treatment Needs? Do individuals over the age of 50 years have specific needs in substance abuse treatment? The answer is yes and in getting the right treatment, age does matter. Older adults have distinct physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs that might require specific care in substance abuse...
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Older Adults Are Less Likely to See a Psychiatrist, But Take More Drugs

New research suggests that the elderly are twice as likely to take psychiatric drugs but are half as likely to see a psychiatrist, compared to young adults, UPI reports. The findings raise concerns about bad interactions between such drugs and the host of other medications older adults are likely prescribed. “Our findings suggest that psychotropic...
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Elderly People Needing Treatment

Typically, as people get older they require more medical attention and may be prescribed medication for anything from high blood pressure to prescription opiates for an old knee injury. People are living a lot longer than before and as a result people may end up taking prescription drugs for extended periods of time. In Florida,...
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Aging & Addiction by Kathleen Parrish, LPC

Sam is a 73-year-old retiree living in an upscale, gated community located in the Southwest sunbelt. He has enjoyed a long and successful career as a real estate developer. Sam and his wife raised three happy and successful children, though he lost his wife of 45 years to cancer about two years ago. All who...
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