A New Tool For Recovery: “Recover To Live” by Christopher Kennedy Lawford

How many “tools” have you used this morning? “Some multi-purpose tools are colorful, others are utilitarian!” You might think this is an unusual question, but think about it for a minute. Since getting out of bed how many “tools” have you utilized? For example, let’s say you got up to take your shower and you...
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A “Family Program” Is About Creating Change – Change In You And Change In your Family Dynamic

US journalist and commentator Bill Moyers (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I will never forget the first day at the family program when he was in treatment and a family of five from a Southern city – the father a successful banker and leader in the community – trooped in like bedraggled creatures who had been caught...
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A Mother’s Day Gift of Sobriety and Recovery

                                   (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This Sunday, May 13, 2012, families across the United States will take the day or a few hours to honor Mothers. While Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world, not all countries celebrate on the...
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