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Bath Salts

Bath Salts Bath salts or psychoactive bath salts (PABS) are designer drugs with many street names.  They are dangerous and many hospitals report intoxication across the United States.  The chemical makeup of bath salts involves methylenedioxypyrovalerone or MDPV, and other stimulants such as mephedrone and pyrovalerone.  These chemicals are listed as a Schedule I controlled...
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Bath Salts are not an Alternative To Cocaine or Crystal Meth, It’s More Dangerous

Cocaine and crystal meth are both highly addictive drugs. While cocaine is naturally derived from the coca plant, crystal meth is a synthetic substance, made completely of chemical substances put together in a volatile formula. Both cocaine and crystal meth are stimulant substances as well as central nervous system drugs. Meaning, they are known to...
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CNN Special Report Exposes The Havoc Wreaked By A “Deadly High”

Not all December programming is filled with holiday pleasantry… You have probably noticed that starting last week evening television programming is filled with holiday favorites. If you don’t think that is the case, you can visit a webpage created and maintained by TV Guide: Holiday TV 2014 Schedule. Last evening one of our associates happened...
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US Navy Battles “Bath Salts” – Watch Their Powerful PSA

“Old fashioned bath salts…” When bath salts really were bath salts… Yes, there was a time, up until a few years ago, if people were discussing bath salts it had to do with taking a relaxing bath to soothe your skin and regroup. These bath salts were originally designed to mimic a mineral bath or...
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Arizona Doctors Worry About Rise in Bath Salt Sales Due to DEA Ban

Next month the DEA will be putting a ban into effect on the controversial “bath salts” until proper research can be conducted on such products. “Bath salts” have made the news several times this year as a result of the spike in emergency room visits related to people’s consumption of the drugs. These are not...
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