Signs of Meth Addiction

Like many substance addiction, meth addiction is characterized first and foremost by intense physical and psychological cravings for the drug. An addict will feel compelled to use ever-increasing quantities of meth and to maintain a meth high for hours or days at a time. While high on meth, an addict will experience bouts of anxiety...
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Can Treatment Help Save Meth Addicts From Heart Failure?

Meth, also known as crystal meth, ice, and methamphetamine, is a highly potent and volatile drug. Made completely out of chemical substances, meth is a dangerous synthetic stimulant drug. A central nervous system stimulant, meth immediately moves into the bloodstream and works its way through the brain and the body. Causing hyperstimulation, hyperfocus, and hypervigilance,...
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Bath Salts are not an Alternative To Cocaine or Crystal Meth, It’s More Dangerous

Cocaine and crystal meth are both highly addictive drugs. While cocaine is naturally derived from the coca plant, crystal meth is a synthetic substance, made completely of chemical substances put together in a volatile formula. Both cocaine and crystal meth are stimulant substances as well as central nervous system drugs. Meaning, they are known to...
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Arizona Meth Seizures On The Rise

In the last decade it became a lot harder to manufacture methamphetamine in the United States. There was a time when the majority of meth used by Americans was produced in clandestine labs across the country. Efforts to curb the problem came mostly in the form of restrictions on products that contained pseudoephedrine – the...
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woman exercising at weight lifting gym - meth

Research: Can Exercise Impact Relapse When Going Through Meth Withdrawal?

The DAWN Report features interesting methamphetamine stats The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) publishes The DAWN Report. DAWN is an acronym for Drug Abuse Warning Network. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) created DAWN in 1972 to track emergency department visits resulting from drug abuse. The topic of the June 19, 2014, issue...
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homemade meth lab set up

Meth Labs Seizures On The Rise

Methamphetamine production in the United States has waxed and waned over the last several years. Unfortunately, the number of methamphetamine lab busts in the United States rose again last year, according to an Associated Press survey of the nation’s top meth-producing states. Midwestern and southern states have become some of the largest producers of methamphetamine...
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table top setup for meth production

Shake and Bake Meth Burn Victims

Methamphetamine use had been on the decline over the last decade for a number of reasons. The government took certain steps to make it harder to come by the active ingredient pseudoephedrine which can be found in a number of over the counter cold medicines. Organizations like the Meth Project have helped educate people on...
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Meth Devastating Rural Areas

Methamphetamine abuse is on the rise, devastating small towns across America. Meth is a drug that can literally be made by a high school student with a basic understanding of chemistry and a few packs of cold medicine containing a key ingredient for the production of Methamphetamine – Pseudoephedrine. In the last three years meth...
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