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Have You Considered Taking The Mental Health First Aid Course?

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Would you take a Mental Health First Aid course? Let’s face it; it is not unusual for employers to require employees to enroll in a Red Cross course to receive certification in First Aid/CPR.  This training can assist employees to respond to their co-workers who may suffer a...
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Stunning Testimony: Lawmakers Hear From Parents And Mental Health Experts

The Committee on Energy and Commerce   Today’s question: Have you ever heard of the Committee on Energy and Commerce? It is also referred to as The Energy and Commerce Committee. It was established in 1795 in the United States House of Representatives and is one of the three most long standing committees, the others...
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States Rethink Mental Health Care Program Cuts

States rethinking mental health care cuts Yesterday morning the news was abuzz with headlines like this “states rethink mental health cuts after shootings.” Both the Associated Press and Reuters authored reports which are now being carried on the major news network and cable channels. Of course, the shootings being referenced are the theater shooting that...
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Prayer and Reflection for the Community of Aurora Colorado

Serenity Prayer -Cottonwood Tucson Today is July 20, 2012. It is a day that will now be remembered for the mass shooting that took place in Aurora, Colorado, at the midnight premiere opening of the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises. So now today becomes a day of prayer and reflection for the deceased, the...
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