Attention Parents: ‘Smoking’ Alcohol Is Dangerous And Addictive

Have you heard about “smoking alcohol?” We are not talking about smoking & alcohol! Be sure and read today’s question very carefully: we did not ask if you have heard about “smoking and alcohol.”  We asked if you’ve heard about “smoking alcohol,” not drinking alcohol but “smoking alcohol.” If you’re the parent of a teenager(s)...
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Prescribing Adderall: Are We Treating ADHD Or Trying To Prevent Poor Grades?

Juxtaposed News Headlines This week there are two news stories that seem to be bumping up against each other. If these two news items don’t present a serious call to action, then at the very least they should be thought provoking for parents, teachers and physicians. Consider each of these headlines: A Nobel prize winner,...
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Adult Cigarette Smoking Decline

Every day millions of people light up and have a cigarette, some people smoke a pack per day. Indeed, cigarettes play a huge role in the everyday life for many people and it is no wonder considering the billions of dollars that go into advertising, as well as people’s lack of education, for whatever reason,...
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