What is Hitting Rock Bottom?

What is Hitting Rock Bottom?

Hitting Rock Bottom
There is a saying in the substance abuse community that hitting rock bottom is necessary for recovery to begin.  There are some that believe this to be true and others that do not.  Some substance abuse professionals claim that hitting rock bottom is a myth.

Rock bottom is not an actual place that one can visit.  It is more a state of mind.  Hitting rock bottom is a term indicating that change is needed and it is different for each person.  These words can be used in any area of our lives.  Some claim that they hit rock bottom related to a job or a relationship.  Rock bottom is typically used in the realm of substance abuse recovery.

The myth behind hitting rock bottom has to do with the fact that there is no clear definition of what rock bottom actually means.  This is most likely due to the different experiences that people have that indicate a rock bottom.  Another issue with this term is many think they have hit rock bottom only to discover that they reached new lows at a later time.

If an individual does not hit rock bottom, does this mean that change cannot occur?  The answer is no.  Change can occur at any time provided the individual has a desire to change.  Substance abuse professionals use a “resource” guide to illustrate the theory of rock bottom.  When a person experiences loss in all resource areas such as employment, relationships, finances, housing, or their health, then that individual is said to have hit rock bottom.  This would mean that a person has to basically lose everything before recovery is possible.  The issue with this is that some individuals can lose their jobs and decide to start a path to recovery.  Others can lose a significant relationship and enter treatment.  There is no one size fits all rock bottom picture that can be applied to all addicts.

Change is possible at any time.  If you think you need to make changes in your life, then do so.  If your rock bottom is the loss of your job or filing bankruptcy, then you have determined that point in your addiction where you need to stop, review the situation, and seek treatment.

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