Experiencing Our Wholeness: Mind-Body-Spirit

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The Cottonwood Tucson Experiential Wellness Program serves patients by offering tools for self-care, enhancing their ability to move through life successfully. Patients learn to rely on their strengths; get their needs met; and use their natural abilities and preferences to facilitate their transformation. We are committed to patients experiencing self-respect, relaxation, energy, compassion and joy. Patients gain trust and confidence in their relationship to their inner guidance as mirrored through their relationships and communication with the staff. Patients learn how to distinguish between fear-based thinking and the Wisdom that guides them toward right action. Patients practice the tools learned through group participation by interacting with other patients in the Cottonwood community and staff. Our patients’ main objective here at Cottonwood is to experience that changing their behaviors, communication and thinking in ways that support themselves and those around them, can bring love, happiness and success.

The Cottonwood Experiential Wellness Program is spiritually based. The foundation of what Cottonwood Tucson provides is the integration of body, mind and soul with utmost respect for each individual’s strengths, needs, abilities and preferences. Health, happiness and peace are experienced as each person is able to be authentic and connected to Life, for the good of all.

Rami Katz is a Specialty Counselor at Cottonwood Tucson where she specializes in Mind, Body & Soul Integration, Yoga and Meditation Therapy, Energy Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Gestalt Therapy.

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