What Does It Mean to Abuse Someone?

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What Does it Mean to Abuse Someone?

What Does it Mean to Abuse Someone?

There are some people out there with so much rage in themselves that they will take out that anger on other people. The way people treat us stays with us throughout adulthood. If you feel like things are becoming uneasy in your mind and you feel scared all of the time, seek help to better help you move on with your life.

What is abuse?

Abuse is when someone mistreats, degrades or misuses others. They can use abusive actions to manipulate you to do whatever they want you to do.

What types of abuse is there?

There is verbal abuse when you name-call or tell the other person they are stupid, worthless, and cannot do anything on their own. Physical abuse is when you bring pain to someone in the form of bruises, broken bones, or anything else that can cause injury to someone else. Sexual abuse is when you rape or sexual assault someone. Negligence is when you fail to respond to someone’s emotional, physical, social, and educational needs.

What are the effects of abuse?

You could develop mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, PTSD, personality disorders, or substance abuse disorder. If you have been sexually abused, you can find sex as undesirable or physically and emotionally painful. If you no longer respect your body anymore, that can cause you to be sexually promiscuous which can result in an STD or an unwanted pregnancy. You could be very vulnerable and have a low self-esteem which will make it hard to form trusting relationships. Some also contemplate suicide or develop suicidal tendencies. Abuse can also result in a low body image which can lead to eating disorders to gain control over in a life where you have so little control.

How do you get out of an abusive situation?

If the situation is life-threatening, pack a bag and get out immediately. Speak with a domestic violence shelter worker or a social worker who will provide safety for you and if you have children. Never be afraid to call the police as they can protect you by reporting the abuse, sending you to a hospital for injuries, and help you get a restraining order so the abuser is legally not allowed near you. Find an apartment somewhere away from your abuser or see if you can stay with someone you can trust. Seek counselling to help recover from the trauma of abuse.

What happens if you witness abuse?

Encourage the person to call the police, a lawyer, or a domestic abuse shelter. If that person is afraid to call someone, call the proper authorities yourself. Help them create an escape plan and how to file a restraining order. You can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE).

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