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About Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a form of counseling that addresses an individual’s struggle with thoughts, emotions or behaviors that are life –interrupting. While much individual therapy involves traditional talk therapy, other forms might include movement therapies, experiential therapies, art therapies, somatic experiencing, or EMDR. Individual therapy is an effective adjunct to group therapy and provides individuals with an opportunity to explore negative beliefs, addictive behavior patterns, or painful life events that were previously unresolved.

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Individualized Treatment at Cottonwood

At Cottonwood, individual therapy sessions are offered by counselors, social workers, clinical specialists, nurse practitioners, psychologists and nutritionists. Individual therapy sessions might include specialized assessments or screenings that help to provide diagnostic clarification. These specialized assessments might address problems such as substance use disorders, compulsive gambling, sexual compulsivity, eating disorders, or bipolar disorder. Assessments are conducted by professionals who specialize in these various areas of treatment. Individual assessments are often necessary to insure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of complex co-occurring disorders.

The multidisciplinary team, including physicians, clinicians and other professionals provide a seamless approach to individualized treatment for each patient. In addition to specialized assessments, individual therapy sessions are targeted to meet the identified treatment goals for each patient. Opportunities to participate in individual therapy sessions are offered in order to enhance the focus on presenting treatment needs and develop skills to reduce symptoms, improve coping strategies, facilitate behavior change, or prevent relapse.

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