How Can Family and Friends Make a Difference in Treatment?

How Can Family and Friends Make a Difference in Treatment?

How can family and friends make a difference in the life of someone needing treatment? Friends and family play a critical role in motivating others with substance abuse problems to enter and stay in treatment. Your friends and family have probably known you for a long time. They knew you before your addiction and they will be there once you enter recovery.

Every single person an addict knows is affected by a person’s substance abuse and this includes friends and family. They may be more affected because of their emotional connection to you. When you are addicted to alcohol, drugs, or a specific behavior, your friends and family may experience the same problems as you including financial problems and psychological health. This happens because there is a part of them that wants to help you and they may loan you money or you may get into arguments. It is rare that a friend or family member is not impacted somewhat by your addiction.

Now that you have entered treatment, your friends and family will continue to play a critical role in your life. From the day you enter, your friends and family members will be there to support you. Many have wanted you to get help for a long time; however, they were not sure how to help you. They might have experienced frustration or anger in wanting to help but not knowing how. Most were frustrated and angry with your addiction and what it was doing to you, but not you as a person.

Since friends and family members shared in your addiction, they too will need help when you enter recovery. They will have thoughts and feelings that need to be worked through and they will need to work with you in building a new recovery relationship. Some friends and family members may need individual or group therapy. One of the most important things they can do with you in recovery is attend family programs. In family programs, you can work together to heal the negative effects of your addiction and how to work together in your recovery.

When you leave a treatment facility, your friends and family members will be by your side, cheering you along. If you have outstanding issues with certain friends and family members, at some point you can make amends with them. It might not happen right away, but it can.

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