Decriminalizing Personal Drug Use

Government officials and law enforcement agencies have been waging a “war on drugs” since 1971. For over forty years, it goes without saying, not only has the war not been won, it has only served to ruin the lives of millions of Americans. While there is little question over whether or not drugs are bad...
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Presidential Candidates for Treatment and Recovery

The need for more discussion about addiction is crucial to eliminating the stigma which has long surrounded the insidious disease. Over the course of multiple decades, the solution in the United States was jail and prisons. However, we know that incarceration does little to combat the problem, due to the high rates of relapse and...
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Meet Liz Gaynes Of The Osborne Association

Circumstances beyond one’s control… As you know September is National Recovery Month and it’s an opportunity to celebrate recovery, alcohol and drug rehab treatment programs, treatment professionals and those individuals and families who are in recovery. An important fact to remember about individual’s ability to access recovery treatment is that where and how you find...
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Giving Opiate Addicts Parolees Naltrexone

In the United States our prisons and jails house more people convicted of drug offenses than any other offense. Jail and prison for most of the 20th century has been the government’s answer to the drug problem. While the system has improved in the last two decades, as far as offering treatment instead of jail...
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