Opioid Addiction Champions of Change

Medical epidemics in the United States are nothing new; we have faced and found solutions to some of the most insidious of diseases, including the virus Poliomyelitis – commonly referred to as polio or infantile paralysis. Not too long ago, the fear of contracting polio was great, but thanks to the tireless efforts of a...
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Virtual Reality for Treating Heroin Addiction

Role playing is a common technique used by addiction counselors to help people new to recovery learn how to navigate their way through (seemingly) real life situations without picking up a drug or a drink. While such techniques may be effective, they require participants to imagine that they are not in a clinical setting, but...
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Genetic Variations Impact Methadone Overdose Risks

Methadone is a synthetic opioid used to treat pain and addiction. Over the years many heroin addicts have turned to methadone as an alternative to heroin. Some addicts manage to slowly step themselves down off of methadone towards abstinence; however, a number of others use methadone for years – what’s known as methadone maintenance. While...
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