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How Does Heroin Affect the Brain?

How Does Heroin Affect the Brain?   Heroin is made from the resin found in poppy plants.  A sap-like opium is removed from the pod of a poppy plant, which is refined to make morphine and following further refinement, heroin is made.  Heroin is highly addictive and most individuals who use heroin, inject the substance...
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President Unveils Addiction Treatment Parity Plan

par·i·ty ˈperədē/ noun  the state or condition of being equal, especially regarding status or pay.  The word parity is one that is particularly important, especially to those living with mental health disorders and/or addiction. If you have been following the news regarding the prescription opioid epidemic, and the scourge of heroin addiction that has followed...
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Virtual Reality for Treating Heroin Addiction

Role playing is a common technique used by addiction counselors to help people new to recovery learn how to navigate their way through (seemingly) real life situations without picking up a drug or a drink. While such techniques may be effective, they require participants to imagine that they are not in a clinical setting, but...
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