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Overcoming Your Fear of Failure

Overcoming Your Fear of Failure Many people are too afraid of failing that they do not bother trying. This fear can cause someone to have panic attacks where they have trouble breathing, a lot of sweating, shaking, increased heart rate, and feeling light-headed. It is important to understand that we all do not get everything...
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What Is Philophobia?

What is Philophobia? One of the most common fears is Philophobia which is being afraid of falling in love. According to Health Guidance, 250,000 people are affected by this fear. People with this fear are afraid of romantic love or forming an emotional attachment. This can co-exist with having anxiety or depression. It is important...
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Symptoms of PTSD vs Symptoms of Trauma

When a person goes through something traumatic, the effects are damaging. Trauma is calamitous in every sense of the word – it changes a person’s life forever and effect all aspects of life. There are two sides to trauma –  the direct effects of it happening, and the short to long-term effects that remain after...
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