Hawaii Raises Legal Smoking Age to 21

While the legal age to purchase and consume cigarettes is 18 years old, there are many that argue that the brain is not fully developed at that age. Science indicates that the use of tobacco products has a greater effect on the developing brain and can lead to medical conditions down the road. Last Friday,...
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One in Five Teens Will Try E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes continue to gain popularity as more and more young people turn to the devices as a source of nicotine. In reality, there has been little research which has pinpointed the dangers of e-cigarette use, and many argue that the devices are not an effective smoking cessation device. A major concern regarding e-cigarettes is the...
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E-cigarette Ads Increase People’s Desire to Smoke

E-cigarettes have become quite popular amongst those in the recovery community. The devices have helped some quit and helped others cut back on traditional cigarette use. As with all new products with the potential for addiction, little research is available regarding the health consequences and even less regulations to keep e-cigarettes out of the hands...
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FDA Starts The Conversation About E-Cigarettes

English: Logo of the . (Photo credit: Wikipedia) FDA is proposing rules to regulate E-Cigarettes…what do you think? Seriously, do you have any comments about this topic, because if so, then you have until July 9, 2014, to weigh in. The summary of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed rule issued on April 25,...
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Hooked On Vaping? Learn More About E-Cigarettes

Do you vape? If you don’t know the meaning of the word vape, then there is a pretty good chance that you don’t do it! However, it could be that you have family members who vape or maybe friends or co-workers. Don’t try to look up the word in Webster’s dictionary or; both sources...
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