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Are Drug Addicts Simply Impulsive?

Are Drug Addicts Simply Impulsive? To imply that a drug addict is simply impulsive, minimizes the problems associated with addiction.  Drug abuse is caused by many things including mental health issues, inability to handle stress or other problems, or unresolved childhood issues.  Impulsiveness is a component of drug addiction yet the drug addict will also...
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Sir Elton John: “To End AIDS We Need More Than A Cure – We Need Compassion.” Also Take A Look At The DALLAS BUYERS CLUB

English: Publicity photo of Elton John from the 1975 Rock Music Awards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) USA TODAY Op-Ed…by Sir Elton John “Science has given us the means to find a cure [for aids], but the stigma has prevented us from doing so.” It might surprise you to learn that we were made aware of Sir...
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Overdose Drug Saves Lives

Drug addiction and overdose often go hand in hand; it is hardly a question of if as much as it is a question of when. Many people perish from their addiction before they ever give recovery a chance or have an opportunity to work a program of any kind. While prescription medications have become the...
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