New Study: Post Combat Opioid Use Greater Than General Public

Treating chronic pain If you have had to live with chronic pain or have a loved one who is living with chronic pain, then you are familiar with the daily cycle of trying to find some kind of relief. Those who treat chronic pain patients often find that addiction to prescription pain medication is not...
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Sir Elton John: “To End AIDS We Need More Than A Cure – We Need Compassion.” Also Take A Look At The DALLAS BUYERS CLUB

English: Publicity photo of Elton John from the 1975 Rock Music Awards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) USA TODAY Op-Ed…by Sir Elton John “Science has given us the means to find a cure [for aids], but the stigma has prevented us from doing so.” It might surprise you to learn that we were made aware of Sir...
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Mandatory Treatment for Low Level Drug Offenders

In the past, people who were convicted of drug charges were bound for jail or prison which had little effect on one’s addiction and cost the taxpayers billions of dollars collectively. In the past 30 years as people have become more accepting of drug and alcohol abuse as a disease, alternative forms of punishments, such...
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