21st Century Cures Act Covers Addiction

The Opioid Epidemic If there is a perfect solution to be found regarding ending the American opioid epidemic, it has yet to show itself. The American public has been made fully aware of the situation, with hundreds of people dying every week; they also know that we cannot arrest our way out of the problem,...
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Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act

It has been some busy couple weeks in the U.S. House of Representatives with regard to addiction and mental illness. After years of hard work and difficult negotiations, the House adopted the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016 (CARA). The bill is meant to address the American opioid epidemic, a crisis that now takes...
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Alcohol Impact Zones

Alcohol related crimes cost this country millions of dollars every year. Despite that fact the alcohol industry goes on supporting officials who continue to stall bills that would curb alcohol purchases by residents on a dry Indian reservation, The New York Times reports. The bill, in question, would allow authorities to establish “alcohol impact zones”...
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Obtaining Needles Without Prescriptions

Intravenous drug use is one of the leading causes of the spread of virus and diseases like HIV or Hepatitis C. Those addicts who do not have reliable access to clean hypodermic needles are at the greatest risk. This is why a number of states have adopted needle exchanges and, or making it legal for...
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