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How Loving-Kindness Meditation Helps Recovery

Numerous studies tout the positive effects of meditation. Support of the medical community helps validate why this holistic wellness method proves beneficial for people, especially those overcoming substance use disorder (SUD). For people in recovery, meditation helps: Improve mindfulness. One typical aspect of addictive behavior is an inability to stay in the present moment. By...
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5 Alternative Therapies You Will Experience in Treatment

What Are Alternative Therapies? Alternative therapies include animal therapy, meditation, music or art therapy, wilderness therapy, or exercise. Alternative therapies are becoming more mainstream, as providers and clinicians discover people respond to different types of treatment in different ways.  Included below are five alternative therapies that you might experience during treatment. 1. Animal-assisted therapy Many...
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Animal Assisted Therapy for Addiction Recovery

The bond between men and animals likely predates the history of substance abuse and addiction. Men have domesticated animals for work and companionship, they have trained animals to find food and to track missing persons, and now they are turning to animals to assist with addiction recovery. Men and animals form emotional bonds that are...
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