Can Mood Disorders be Cured?

mood disorders
A mood disorder is a psychological disorder which can either increase or decrease how a person feels on a day-to-day basis.  Each of us experiences different moods throughout the day.  Most of these fluctuations in mood are common and are dependent on others, situations, or things that happen that we were not expecting.  

Problems with mood arise when they affect our ability to go to work or school or when they interfere with daily activities.  Approximately 20 million Americans have symptoms related to mood disorders including major depression and bipolar disorder.  Mood disorders are treatable, with medication and therapy.  The most commonly used treatment is cognitive-behavioral therapy, which provides an individual the tools to address negative thoughts and behavior.  There is a percentage of those with mood disorders who recover well with both therapy and medication.

It is difficult to say whether mood disorders can be cured.  Part of the reason is that mood disorders have a biological component.  There is also a genetic component, as mood disorders can run in families.  In addition, some symptoms of mood disorders include physical symptoms such as insomnia or sleeping too much, headaches, digestion problems, and loss of appetite.  These biological symptoms can be cured through over-the-counter medications; however, taking these medications does not address the underlying issues related to mood disorders.

The word “cured” means that a person does not experience any psychological or physical symptoms ever once treatment has concluded.  A better way to address this issue is to say that mood disorders can be managed.  Managing a mood disorder can help a person understand that their symptoms can be managed more effectively.  There is the possibility that with treatment, a person may never have symptoms again.  A lot truly depends on the individual and their physical and psychological make up.

Thankfully, there is a wealth of evidence-based treatment which have proven to be extremely successful in reducing the severity, in addition to the frequency of, symptoms. Mood disorders like depression can be put into remission with consistent treatments. Remission and the efficacy of these treatments are, of course, based on the individual. Though there is not yet a definite cure for mood disorders, there are proven ways to make living with a mood disorder as manageable as possible.

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