rock sculptures on the beach - balance

rock sculptures on the beach - balance

Mind & Body

As I work with people everyday who are trying so desperately to find a balance between the mind and body, I realize that everything has a cost. The question remains, how much are you willing to pay? What are you paying for? Is there a payment plan for balance? Is there a loan I may take out for a healthy heart? Do I need a monthly mortgage for a healthy mind? May I put it all in escrow until I am completely balanced….mind, body and spirit?

The answer is yes.

We all have our life plan in escrow with our Higher Power. In essence, we are all waiting to fulfill that escrow’s deed so that we will have tangible evidence of our commitment. We have been rewarded by our Higher Power for our ability to stay strong, and take care of our body, mind and spirit. We may be late on a payment and ask for an extension, we may double up on a payment perhaps to reap the rewards quicker, or we may pay each payment on the exact date and time for consistency. At times we may even put our entire family up for collateral. The Higher Power will keep them until we surrender and claim their love and support.

How much is the cost for recovery and finding the balance between mind and body? I do not believe you can put a cost on a healthy body any more than you could a healthy mind. What I do know is that they go together and knowledge is power. We have all taxed our bodies at some point and had to pay it back with interest. We have all foreclosed on our mind at some point and had to pay it back with a lack of credibility. We have all deferred on our spirit and had to pay it back with indifference.

Cottonwood Tucson embodies the relationship between the mind and body; giving you the tools needed to lower your interest rates on your body, regain your collateral of the heart and pay off your debts of the mind. Surrendering to your Higher Power will send you on that journey of collecting what is rightfully yours. You will become your own “Banker of Balance.”

Deb Tobias ACE, CHEK Biomechanics
Therapeutic Fitness Consultant
Cottonwood de Tucson

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