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“Things that connect us…”

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When we think about things that connect us in today’s world we often think of “social media.” Many people, businesses, organizations, and associations rely on these platforms to communicate and to be involved with their communities. Think about this: In February 2004 Facebook was launched and as of September 2012 one (1) billion people were members of Facebook. Twitter was launched March 2006 and now claims 500 million users worldwide. YouTube was launched November 2005 and is available for both registered and non-registered users; YouTube is the third most visited website on the Internet, behind Google and Facebook with 800 million unique visitors per month. There is no doubt that a lot of communication  happens on all of these social media platforms, albeit in 140 characters or quick opaque status updates.

Cottonwood Tucson connects with social media

It’s true. Cottonwood Tucson does connect with social media. Doing so provides us one more avenue to virtually stay connected with recovery treatment professionals, Cottonwood alumni, local businesses and associations, friends, and future clients. We invite you to stay in touch with our community by liking our Facebook page, following us on Twitter, subscribing to our YouTube Channel, subscribing to the Cottonwood Blog, and signing-up for our Newsletter.

Cottonwood Tucson connects with community projects

Cottonwood Tucson’s commitment to community projects is not news. The decision to “share” how we are committed to community projects is news. We want you to know that while we have built a strong foundation with a commitment to our immediate
communities of patients and staff; we also pledge our efforts to work with local and
regional projects with a goal of bringing mutual value to our Cottonwood community and the community at large.

Cottonwood’s Sustainability Team

Cottonwood’s Sustainability Team has a clear mission: “The Sustainability Team of Cottonwood seeks to provide support and direction to ensure that the Cottonwood community lives in balance, harmony, and wholeness with the environment while utilizing best practices for economic responsibility.”

Visit our Sustainability Team page to learn more about our current activities and future plans.

Recovery without Borders (Recuperación sin Fronteras)

Brian Welch with Abelardo Gutiérrez-Solis of Recuperación sin Fronteras

Cottonwood Tucson is a founding participant in Recuperación sin Fronteras (Recovery without Borders), a Tucson-based international outreach effort whose mission is to support addiction treatment for destitute alcoholics and addicts on la frontera, the troubled border zone where Mexico meets Arizona.

Adopt-A-Family Sponsorship

The Salvation Army’s Adopt-A-Family sponsorship is a fun and fulfilling “hands-on” project. Each year we ask our
adopted family for the wish list, clothing and shoe size, and favorite
color of each child. Then we go about gathering our donations, wrapping
the gifts, and making the arrangements to deliver it all to our adopted
family. This is a favorite Holiday activity here at Cottonwood.

Professional Events

Throughout the year Cottonwood Tucson is pleased to participate in
Recovery Events by sponsoring, presenting and attending these events.
Our critical involvement allows us to stay abreast of new ideas,
developments, treatment processes in the recovery community. Read more…

Things That Connect UsWe Are The World

Cottonwood Tucson is connected with our communities, in the real world and the virtual world. This connection and community involvement makes us stronger and better in providing care for our patients.  Mental health issues and the disease of addiction touch most families in one way or another. Now in our 25th year Cottonwood Tucson was founded by a group of recovering individuals with a vision to create a world-class treatment center in Tucson. Cottonwood Tucson is a unique organization that continues to reinvest in our patients, our staff and our community.

In 1985, two years before Cottonwood Tucson was founded, a group of recording artists came together to record a song for the purposes of raising funds for the USA for Africa Foundation, established to aid in famine relief. That song was simply called We Are The World. Today we would like to share the original recording with you. As you watch this video, you will see many recording stars whose lives have been touched by the disease of addition. Some are still working hard for the world community and some are no longer with us.

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Things that connect us? There is a time when we should heed a certain cause…

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