Parents Should Understand Hosting Teen Parties Can Bring Repercussions

Parenting comes with many responsibilities. Each stage of a child’s life is impacted by a parent’s actions. And now some parents are finding their own actions and a decision regarding hosting a party for their teen comes with much personal risk. It is May; a month filled with life passages and celebrations. We have proms, graduations, end of the season sporting events, the start of summer vacation. So why not host a party for your teenager.

For some reason many parents take this approach: “I would rather have my teenager’s friends party at our house where I can control and supervise the inevitable use of alcohol and maybe a little pot.” This seems like a simple and harmless premise, but not only does this line of thinking imply approval of an illegal act, it may indeed contribute to dangerous and deadly behavior – short and long term.

This week NBC’s Today show featured a story about what one set of parents have endured as a result of playing hosts for their teenager’s party.  You might find their story useful.

Remember “social host laws” vary from state to state. Set good examples for your teens. Talk to your teens. Share this video with your teens.

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