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Food is an important, essential part of life. For too many people, food is a traumatic and triggering experience rather than a celebratory and necessary experience. Changing your outlook on food can help you redefine the role food serves in your life.
Everything in moderation, even excess: A well balanced diet and healthy outlook on food means understanding that all food can be enjoyed in moderation. The basics of daily nutrition should include ample amounts of fruits and vegetables, balanced carbohydrates, and proteins. Vitamins, nutrients, essential amino acids, and necessary Omega fatty acids are all provided through whole food eating focused on healthy nutrition. Sweets, treats, fried foods, processed foods, and other scrumptious snacks or dishes can still be enjoyed, in moderation. Healthy eating should be a foundation for food consumption with other food options consumed in moderation. However, when the occasion strikes to perhaps eat the whole box of cookies or whole carton of ice cream, it can be good to indulge. Maintaining a balanced diet leaves room for occasionally indulging in less than healthy behaviors.
You And Your Body Are On The Same Team: Issues with body image, food issues, and eating disorders, or general disordered eating habits, can cause a disconnect between mind and body. Being disconnected between mind and body typically results in feelings that there is a separation between who someone feels themselves to be and then the body they are forced to deal with. The mind needs to eat. The body needs to eat. The brain and the body are on the same team. When there is a greater relationship between mind and body, there are underlying cues for hunger which can be identified. Hunger can arise out of boredom or out of a need to cope emotionally. More often than not the stomach is satisfied and full before the brain decides it is.
Let Food Be Something You Eat: With the rise of “food porn” on social media, cooking, presenting, and eating food has become more of a spectacle than a necessary routine. Food has been a celebration in cultures for thousands of years. Unfortunately, making an obsession out of food can actually become an obsession which leads to an unhealthy outlook on food. Food doesn’t have to be a constant topic of conversation or point of obsession. With healthy balance and basic guidelines, food can just be food, celebrated as a source of fuel for the brain and the body.

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