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Stories of Triumph Over Trauma

Surviving trauma Over the past week or so, many of us have wondered aloud how will those traumatized by the latest mass shooting survive? How will their day to day lives change? Will they be able to move on from their personal trauma? With 24-hour news media coverage we are able to witness the grief...
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Reconnecting To Life

Parents missing the signs of disconnecting… We often talked about the fact that parenting is a journey and a process. It can start out with a bang…the excitement of childbirth and then we proceed slowly crossing off the list each milestone and moving on to the next event. Our lives become consumed with providing a...
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Would You Recognize The Signs Of Self Harm?

Self-harm (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Is your adolescent, teenager or young adult child trying to hide their scars? A provocative question for sure, but think about it for a minute. We are talking about physical scars from cutting (or burning), not just emotional scars. Hiding any kind of scar is not unusual. Women wear make-up to...
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