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Holistic Tips for Insomnia Relief

You hear it everywhere: get better sleep, and all is right in the world! But what if sleep is eluding you for one reason or another? Here are some natural solutions to improve sleep hygiene and overcome insomnia. Wait—What Is Sleep Hygiene? According to the Sleep Foundation, sleep hygiene is the foundation of daily routines...
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What to Expect With Ambien Addiction Treatment

It’s sometimes hard to understand that supposedly helpful medication can end up causing problems. Such is the case with many sleep aids, including Ambien. When receiving treatment for this habit-forming drug, there are both physical and psychological aspects to consider. Facts About Ambien When people struggle with insomnia due to addiction detox, chronic pain, grief,...
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Recovery and Sleep

Recovery and Sleep Sleep is just good for you. It restores you physically and emotionally. It gives you energy and helps you focus throughout the day. When you abuse drugs and alcohol, the brain’s neurochemistry is affected and many of your normal biological functions are disrupted. When you enter recovery, it may take some time...
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