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What Is the Addiction Experience?

What Is the Addiction Experience? An addict can sometimes explain to others what it is like to be an addict and what the addiction experience involves.  This has to do primarily with the characteristics of addiction that seem to be shared among addicts.  These characteristics include how addicts behave and view the world.  One main...
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Denial Denial is a defense mechanism most often seen in drug addiction and alcoholism.  It allows the addiction to be maintained and even prolonged.  Denial involves behaviors such as dishonesty, pretending a problem does not exist, or even exaggeration of a problem.  Many addicts or alcoholics in denial avoid people or situations where their substance...
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Tips for Getting Sober

Sobriety and “getting sober” involve more than just staying away from drugs and alcohol. A hardened alcoholic or drug addict who goes through detox and rehab can retain the negativity and inward focus that drove him to become addicted to dangerous substances in the first instance, and unless he lets go of that negativity he...
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