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Why Family Matters in Your Recovery

Family Therapy & Recovery For most of us, the concept of family is fluid. Few people have the typical close-knit unit as depicted in the media, while others might be estranged from their family because of destructive behaviors. So when someone enters an addiction treatment program or mental health facility and their continuum of care...
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Explaining Your Recovery to Relatives

It’s Up to You Choosing to share your journey of addiction and recovery is probably one of the most personal revelations you’ll have in life. It’s important to remember that you decide what to talk about, what details are important, and how much to discuss. When we’re at family gatherings, we’re often not sure who...
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Can Friends and Family Members Use the 12 Steps?

Can Friends and Family Members Use the 12 Steps?   One of the largest predictors of success in recovery is having the support of friends and family members to help the addict stay focused and provide emotional support during tough days. Friends and family members are affected by an addict’s behavior and often what the...
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How Can Family and Friends Make a Difference in Treatment?

How Can Family and Friends Make a Difference in Treatment? How can family and friends make a difference in the life of someone needing treatment? Friends and family play a critical role in motivating others with substance abuse problems to enter and stay in treatment. Your friends and family have probably known you for a...
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