Smokeless Tobacco ~ Snuff, Dip, Plugs, Chew, Snus, et al

Jackson’s Best Chewing Tobacco [front] (Photo credit: Boston Public Library) “Never slap a man who chews tobacco.” Willard Scott Smokeless tobacco is in the news this week… Whether you call it snuff, dip, chew or any other colloquial term, smokeless tobacco is deadly and its use has stayed steady between 2005 and 2010. The Centers...
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Quitting Chewing Tobacco Is Like Any Addiction

English: Label from Spencer Brothers tobacco label, Martinsville, Henry County, Virginia, circa 1880 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Summer officially began on June 20th. What do you think about when you think of summer? Vacation, swimming, setting up a summer schedule for your family, longer days, beautiful sunsets, picnics, holidays, or maybe taking in a baseball game...
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MLB Chewing Tobacco Ban Approved

Baseball is taking a turn that not many thought it would take with the announcement of a chewing tobacco ban. Sports fans will no longer be seeing a circular outline in Major League Baseball (MLB) players’ back pockets, the circle being a tin of chewing tobacco. One might imagine the new labor agreement prohibiting players...
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MLB Chewing Tobacco Ban

Baseball and oral fixations often go together, sunflower seeds and chewing tobacco have become synonymous with the sport. Chewing tobacco is extremely unhealthy; people lose their lives from the drug every year which is why four U.S. Senators have asked the baseball players union to agree to a ban on chewing tobacco at the World...
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