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How Does Body Image Have an Effect on Us?

When we leave our houses to go meet up with people, we may take one glance at the mirror and look away while others may not look in the mirror at all. Then there are those that can spend hours looking at themselves in the mirror because they do not feel satisfied in the way...
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10 Reasons People Develop Body Image Issues

Issues with body image typically begin in childhood. Children and young adults learn that there are unwritten rules about body image, as society creates evaluations of how one should look.  The problem with this is we are not creating our body images based on internal evaluations.  We look at how others perceive us and what...
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Is Exercise Good For Recovering Body Image?

There’s an old story about people who expect to feel different after just one workout. After spending a few minutes on the treadmill, they run to the mirror hoping to see a drastic change in the way their body looks. Of course, just a few minutes on the treadmill or participating in any exercise is...
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Can We Really Blame Mannequins For Body Image Issues?

You’ve probably always noticed that mannequins you find in retail stores are odd, to say the least. These less than human representation of human forms have bizarre heads, if they have heads at all, and body types which seem quite unrealistic. Yet, mannequins are supposed to be the representations of how clothes are going to...
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Body Image Issues Could Be Generational

Our most important lessons are learned from our parents. At our youngest ages we aren’t aware that we have a choice to either believe and internalize the lessons we get from our parents, or not to. Lessons about self-worth and body image are some of the most critical lessons a child learns from their parents,...
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Does Social Media Cause Eating Disorders?

“You are what you eat”. This sentiment is no more true than in the world of virtual personality display on social media. Social media platforms like Instagram offer users a unique opportunity to curate their life and make it public for the world to see. Personalities, social justice issues, online stores, artistic topics, and more...
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