Helping Opioid Addicted Parents Raise Their Infants

As more and more government officials and agencies address the opioid crisis in America, it is becoming apparent that there is no shortage of areas to focus on – from providing greater access for addiction treatment to helping opioid addicted parents raise their families. It appears that opioid overdose deaths, while terrible, may be the...
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American Academy of Pediatrics Report On Alcohol

It is well understood that consuming alcohol while pregnant can lead to a number of problems for the baby, potentially impacting the newborn into adulthood. Despite that knowledge and countless disclaimers, many women choose to imbibe throughout the pregnancy. Some pregnant women with have a glass of wine here or there, and some will drink...
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Limited Treatment Options for Pregnant Women

There are currently millions of Americans abusing opioids in one form or another, from prescription OxyContin ® to illicit heroin. While nearly every municipality has treatment options available, for one demographic it can prove quite challenging to find help. A number of expecting mothers who have found themselves in the grips of opioid addiction have...
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Pilot Project: Pregnancy Tests in Bar Bathrooms

The science is irrefutable; consuming alcohol during pregnancy can lead to serious, lifelong health problems for a child. While most women are aware of this, every year a significant number of babies are born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), more commonly referred to as fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Unfortunately, many women are unaware of...
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