Anti-Anxiety Medication Addiction

Anti-anxiety medication can be extremely dangerous if abused or mixed with narcotics. People die every year from side-effects caused from mixing the Xanax, Valium, Klonipin, and Ativan with other substances. Over the past decade the drug has become more and more popular amongst teenagers and young adults as a recreational drug, as well as in collegial settings due to high stress caused from heavy academic workloads. Stress causes anxiety and doctors will often prescribe anti-anxiety narcotics, in many cases, without question. There are a number of cases where people will lie about symptoms in order to get their hands on such drugs.

Most narcotics are extremely hard to get off of, after prolonged use addiction is in a number of cases inevitable. Recovering from addiction where anti-anxiety medications like Xanax are one’s drug of choice is very difficult, there are many who would argue that they are more difficult than opiates and stimulants. Anti-anxiety narcotics affect the same receptors in the brain as alcohol, but unlike alcohol you can take a small amount to achieve a “black out” state of concsiousness. Drugs like Xanax slow one’s breathing and heart rate, when coupled with alcohol or opiates it can be lethal.

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