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Have you seen Discovery Fit and Health‘s TV docu-series ADDICTED?  

ADDICTED features interventionist Kristina Wandzilak working with individuals who are struggling with addiction; viewers are able to watch how the disease of addiction affects not only the addict but the family as well. Each episode is a journey…following the depths of the addict’s disease through the dynamics of reaching out to Kristina for help, moving through the intervention and treatment process.

What’s different about ADDICTED?

The question you might ask is: What new does ADDICTED offer in this category of reality TV? It is a valid question. After all, shows like INTERVENTION, Celebrity Rehab and on occasion the Dr. Phil Show have been offering viewers a front row seat to the disease of addiction for many years. However, after watching one episode of ADDICTED‘s season 2 featuring Megan, it is clear that Kristina Wandzilak takes the viewer deeper into the addict’s road to recovery. That is, the viewer not only witnesses the depth the addict’s disease and the intervention, they are also given a more complete view of what the addict actually experiences during the first few weeks of treatment. Additionally, all family members, including the addict, plan the intervention.

Meet Megan…

Megan a 34-year-old alcoholic also struggles with social anxiety. She is consumed by her alcoholism, experiences blackouts, has lost her job, her house…and continues to grieve over her brother’s suicide (resulting from his own alcoholism). When Megan first meets with Kristina it is made clear to Megan that if she does not get into a treatment program she will die from her disease. Megan is already experiencing delirium tremens (DTs), so a medically monitored detox will be necessary. As the episode proceeds, you actually see what Megan’s detox entails, as after checking into treatment the staff determines that Megan will need to detox in a hospital. Her detox takes five plus days and when Megan is physically able she makes short videos to diary this experience. Following detox Megan returns to the rehab center and the episode chronicles Megan participating in group therapy, learning about the 12 Steps, writing a good-bye letter to her drug of choice, and reconnecting with her family and Kristina.

A little about Kristina Wandzilak…

According to Kristina’s website Full Circle Intervention:

“Kristina Wandzilak, Executive Director and the founder of Full Circle Intervention, is a nationally recognized Interventionist, presenter and author. She has worked in the field of chemical dependency since 1994.”

Kristina published her best-selling memoir The Lost Years, which she co-authored with her mother Constance Curry in 2006. To hear her speak is to learn firsthand about the struggles faced by every addict and their family members. Her story is powerful, inspirational and hopeful.

Some final thoughts…

ADDICTED, like most reality TV series about addiction, is graphic. While each episode of the series provides a teaching moment, it can be painful to watch.  This is particularly true if you have a family member who suffers from this disease and you have helped to get them to treatment. Hopefully, with each episode a few more addicts and their families will be encouraged to acknowledge their loss, seek healing and experience the transformation that recovery can be.

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