ABAM Announces Eight New Addiction Medicine Fellowships

Good news announced by the American Board of Addiction Medicine

This week the American Board of Addiction Medicine Foundation (ABAM) announced eight new accredited addiction medicine fellowship programs.  With the addition of these eight new programs there are now 18 accredited programs in North America. According to the ABAM’s website:

ABAM’s mission is to maintain and enhance the quality of health care by certifying physicians who demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for excellent patient care in the field of Addiction Medicine.

18 accredited programs in North America

The following is a list of the post graduate addiction medicine programs accredited by the ABAM Foundation:

  • Addiction Institute of New York Fellowship in Addiction Medicine 
  • Addiction Medicine Fellowship Program at NYU School of Medicine 
  • Betty Ford Center Addiction Medicine Fellowship 
  • Boston University Addiction Medicine Fellowship 
  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Addiction Medicine Fellowship 
  • Cincinnati Addiction Medicine Fellowship 
  • Geisinger Addiction Medicine Residency at Marworth 
  • Minnesota Addiction Medicine Residency Program: UM-HCMC-VA 
  • Rushford Addiction Medicine Residency/Fellowship Program 
  • St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Ann Arbor Addiction Medicine Fellowship 
  • St. Paul’s Hospital Goldcorp Fellowship in Addiction Medicine 
  • St. Vincent Charity Medical Center Addiction Medicine Fellowship 
  • Stanford Addiction Medicine Program 
  • University at Buffalo Addiction Medicine Fellowship 
  • University of Florida Addiction Medicine Program 
  • University of Maryland- Sheppard Pratt Training Program 
  • University of Wisconsin Addiction Medicine Fellowship 
  • Yale University Addiction Medicine Fellowship 

You can learn more details about each program’s summary here. With the addition of these new fellowships there will now be 47 addiction medicine fellowships available.

A message from the President of ABAM

“These new fellowships will help insure that trained addiction medicine physicians join other addiction professionals in the interdisciplinary care of patients with addictive disorders,” said Jeffrey H.
Samet, MD, MA, MPH, President, ABAM and ABAM Foundation Board of Directors, and Professor of Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine. “This clinical training coupled with passage of our rigorous examination will help to provide evidence-based addiction treatment to those who need it.”

Cottonwood Tucson provide interdisciplinary care of patients with addictive disorders

At Cottonwood, the focus is always on treating the whole person – body, mind and spirit, while honoring the intrinsic value and dignity of all individuals we encounter. We believe that all patients have certain fundamental rights. The right to be treated with respect, kindness and dignity, the right to be fully informed about and meaningfully participate in their own treatment, and the right to privacy and confidentiality in all aspects of their care. Our interdisciplinary clinical team, made up of board certified psychiatrists and addictionologists, clinical psychologists, licensed professional counselors and social workers, marriage and family therapists, registered dieticians, exercise and recreational counselors, equine therapists, mental health workers, spiritual guides, acupuncturists, massage therapists ensures that each patient at Cottonwood’s addiction rehab will receive creative, nuanced and comprehensive holistic behavioral health care.

In closing…a little about the ABAM Seal

Above you will see the ABAM Seal. The ABAM explains a little about their seal: “The darkness within the circle represents the condition in which a
person finds him or herself when dependent on or addicted to alcohol,nicotine or other drugs. The candle represents the physician whose skill, compassion and knowledge of the science of Addiction Medicine assists the addicted or drug dependent individual and family find new life, signified by the rays of light. “

Here’s to recovery…it is possible. 

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