What Are the Consequences of Adderall Addiction?

What are the Consequences of Adderall Addiction?

What are the Consequences of Adderall Addiction?

We all know that Adderall is used to treat ADHD. What you may not know is that Adderall medication can be abused just like any other medication. Knowing the risks that come from taking too many doses of Adderall should further convince you to seek treatment.

What is Adderall?

A prescription amphetamine used to treat ADHD that regulates hyperactivity and impulse control. Adderall works by changing certain natural substances in the brain. This drug is also used to treat narcolepsy to help stay awake during the day. Because it is known for being habit-forming and has been abused, it is known as a Schedule II drug. This drug should only be used for ADHD or a sleeping disorder.

What are the symptoms of Adderall addiction?

Symptoms include having trouble sleeping, talkativeness, hyperactivity, poor attention span, stomach problems, skin problems, uncontrollable shaking, and weight loss. Ironically, people exhibiting Adderall addiction who do not have ADHD could be exhibiting intense ADHD symptoms as a result of the drug.

What are the long-term effects of Adderall addiction?

Long-term effects include psychosis, dizziness, repetitive motions, stomach ulcers, malnutrition, having trouble breathing, seizures, a fast heartbeat, heart failure, and coma.

Who is at risk for Adderall addiction?

People who have been through child neglect or abuse, diagnosed with anxiety or depression, has a family history of addiction, or purchasing or obtaining Adderall illegally. Teens and adults have a good chance of falling under the influence of this addiction.

Why are young adults more likely to have Adderall addiction?

College students use Adderall to stay more focused and be able to concentrate when they have busy schedules, jobs, exams, and study sessions. While college students may take it to feel more confident and for recreational reasons, it can also be an appetite suppressant for those with an eating disorder.

What are the rehab options for those recovering from Adderall addiction?

Recovering from Adderall addiction may require more than one course of treatment. Residential treatment can provide you with individualized therapy, group therapy, and education classes. You can help out with chores and can go out for fun activities on the weekends with a group of other patients. Luxury rehabs have private rooms, housekeeping, gourmet meals, swimming pools, massages, gyms, and yoga. Executive rehabs give patients access to technology to do their work and attend meetings. You can go to Outpatient therapy two to three times a week and Partial Hospitalization for at least twenty hours which can work well for those that do not want to explain to people the length of time in treatment. They would be able to fulfill their family and work obligations.

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