Unsuspecting Signs of Sex Addiction

Sex addiction can be a well hidden compulsive behavior until it starts coming out in less than hidden ways. Often, the signs of sex addiction can come out in casual conversation. Here are two clues:

Using Sexual Innuendo and Sexual Humor At Inappropriate Times

Sexuality is not funny to all people or appropriate at all times. It is common addict behavior and thinking to assume everyone does it. For example, alcoholics often convince themselves/rationalize their inappropriate behavior with statements like everyone gets drunk, everyone acts this way when they’re drunk, everyone who drinks does that. A drug addict might do the same with statements like everyone gets high, everyone who doesn’t get high wants to get high, everyone who says they don’t like getting high is lying. Sex addicts think that their hypersexual/sexualized way of seeing the world is normal, because sex is a normal part of life. However, people have personal boundaries about privacy and graphic conversations about sex. When someone goes out of their way to make any situation a sexual one, any joke a sexual joke, and always seems to have a way of creating sexual tension in a situation- it is uncomfortable. Their inability to notice how uncomfortable and inappropriate their sexual humor is can be a sign of an underlying problem.

Bragging About Sexual Activity And Chronic Sex Life

There is a fine line between sex addiction and hypersexuality. Someone who has a psychiatric problem with sex addiction cannot stop having sex or engaging in sexual behaviors. Someone who is just hypersexual, even extremely hypersexual, can control themselves when necessary. A sign of denial of an underlying addiction is trying to normalize the addiction as much as possible. When normalization isn’t met well by others, like in using sexual innuendo or inappropriate behavior, sex addicts can try and make it seem like their sexual behavior is better than others, masing what is likely to be shame and guilt. They will regularly brag about the extremes of their sex life and how much sexual activity they are engaging in making it seem like everyone else should be jealous they aren’t doing the same. For friends and family members, this should be a warning sign that something is off. The need to boast and talk about sex is a sign that the mind is becoming obsessed with sex and sexual activity.
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