Sometimes in Recovery It’s the Little Things

Sometimes in Recovery It’s the Little Things

Sometimes in Recovery It’s the Little Things

You have entered a program of recovery and life seems hopeful, yet at the same time, very overwhelming.  You need to get your finances in order, make amends to those you harmed, and tie up loose ends that have gone ignored due to your addiction.  Hold the phone—let us not forgot all the little things we can do everyday that over time add up to big things and help us learn to be patient with ourselves and to see the beauty in life.

Here are a few things that you can do today that are just as important as the bigger things.

1.  Smile more.  Smile at the person in the grocery aisle; smile at your neighbors; smile at yourself in the mirror.
2.  Write in your journal about how you feel today.
3.  Watch a comedy movie.
4.  Look outside your window and really notice what is outside; the color of the sky and trees or your neighbor washing their car.
5.  Play with your pet for five minutes.
6.  Sit in a chair and just focus on your breathing.
7.  Call a friend you have not spoken to in awhile.
8.  Go outside and experience how it feels; is it cool, hot, is it humid or dry; what the air smells like.
9.  Start a conversation with a stranger by asking how they are doing today.
10.  Attend a church service and sit in the front row.
11.  Read a book that you might not normally read such as a good mystery or a romance novel.
12.  Take a drive to a place that is peaceful such as the mountains or a lake.  Admire the beauty and become engaged in everything around you.
13.  Volunteer an hour of your time at a local charity.
14.  Visit a library and remember what it was like before the Internet.
15.  Redecorate your kitchen or living room.
16.  Make something new for lunch or dinner.
17.  Dance like nobody’s watching.
18.  Do a crossword or jigsaw puzzle.
19.  Tell a family member you love them.
20.  Listen to classical music and let your thoughts go where they may.

These little things are significant in recovery as they can help you to stay focused on what is important in life and in recovery.  These little things can also provide you with a sense of spirituality and peace, both important parts of your recovery.
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