Social and Medical Model Programs

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Social and Medical Model Programs

Social and Medical Model Programs

Detoxification or detox programs may vary in term of the model of treatment the facility follows.  There are two types of this model that are often used in rehab facilities including the social model and the medical model.  Both models provide care and support during the initial stages of detox where individuals can safely withdrawal from alcohol or drugs.

The focus of social programs is to provide social and psychological support necessary to detox without medication.  There are counselors, social workers, nurses, and other mental health professionals who will provide therapeutic interventions such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.  This type of detox is suitable for individuals with mild substance dependency who may not be experiencing moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms.

A nurse will first assess the individual to make sure they do not require medical intervention to detox safely.  They will also check vital signs frequently use a few assessment tools to measure withdrawal symptoms.  During the first few days of the social model detox, individuals are monitored for 24 hours per day for a few days to ensure there are no complications.  On occasion an individual might enter a social detox program and after a few days exhibit more serious withdrawal symptoms.  At this point, the individual can be transferred to a medical detox program.  Social model detox programs do have medical professionals nearby at all times in case there are medical emergencies.

If an individual has a severe dependency on alcohol or other drugs, the medical model detox would be more beneficial than the social model detox program.  Highly trained medical staff who can administer medications are used in medical model programs.  These medications help to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal and to provide comfort and safety to the individual.

Medical model detox is also good for those individuals with pre-existing health issues such as diabetes or heart conditions.  Withdrawing from alcohol or other drugs can be extremely serious for those with pre-existing conditions and the medical model programs can provide the care needed 24/7.  If a person is detoxing from a cocaine or other stimulant addiction, the medical model program would provide medications such as antidepressants to ensure that the individual does not withdrawal from the cocaine and fall into a depressive state.

Once the individual is cleared from medical detox, they would then enter a program within the facility to receive continued care.

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