Project Vision Empowering Rutland Vermont

Project Vision – Rutland, VT

One city’s vision to deal with the heroin epidemic

Last week we brought our readers up to date on the State of Vermont’s efforts to deal with the heroin epidemic in which they found themselves engulfed during the past few years. At that time we mentioned we would write this week about the City of Rutland’s Project Vision. 

Rutland, Vermont, is located in the mid-central part of the state, just 65 miles north of Massachusetts and 20 miles east of the New York state border. The population hovers around 16,500 and it is probably best known for its now closed marble quarries.  A little more than three years ago the former commander of the Vermont State Police Jim Baker became the Police Chief of Rutland.

In December Chief Jim Baker resigned his position in Rutland to accept a new job working for the International Association of Chiefs of Police in the Washington, D. C. area.

Chief Baker leaves a legacy in Rutland – Project Vision

Project Vision was started with the assistance of Chief Baker to put in place innovative ways to combat Rutland’s heroin crisis. Here is NECN‘s report on Chief Baker and Project Vision.

If you are having trouble viewing the video, you can see it here.

Learning more about Project Vision

Project Vision was established to bring change about in the community with collaboration, coordination and cooperation. According to their website:

“Project Vision is a diverse coalition of over 100 social and health service agencies and organizations, schools, colleges, business organizations, the City of Rutland, local, county, state and federal probation, parole and law enforcement agencies, faith based groups, volunteers and neighbors. We have united to address the drug related challenges facing our community with the goal of making Rutland one of the healthiest, safest and happiest communities in America.”

As Chief Baker reiterates Project Vision has two core values: “Collaboration for the greater good” and “a renewed focus on the positive – I believe in Rutland.” Visit their website and check out their Facebook page and their Twitter feed

Rutland’s Project Vision might be a one of a kind experiment, but it can be the blueprint for other small towns and cities across America. Taking the first step is always the hardest, but recovery is possible, not just for one person, but a whole community.

Rutland started the conversation with Chief Baker’s help…will your community?

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