Mindfulness Meditation and PTSD

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is in the news a lot these days. We read about our veterans and the number that are diagnosed with PTSD. Researchers continue to work on new treatments for those suffering from PTSD and now some are looking at ways to help military personnel and civilians be better prepared to do their jobs and hopefully avoid PTSD. Mindfulness meditation is being considered a positive way to prepare for one’s military deployment or a career where one might often be impacted by trauma, usually first responders like police, firefighters, disaster relief works and care providers.

Our interdisciplinary clinical team works with patients who suffer from PTSD and many of these who present with anxiety disorders often suffer from addiction, as well. Incorporating mindfulness skills into our holistic approach to treatment works to promote the goal of wellness, thereby providing the patient with lifelong coping skills like mindfulness meditation.

We thought you might be interested in watching this report from WUSA9.com (Washington, DC) about how the military is now using mindfulness meditation as a way to treat PTSD and proactively increase one’s chances to circumvent PTSD.

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