Labryinth As A Spiritual Experience

The patients at Cottonwood de Tucson built a labyrinth recently on a Sunday afternoon. The weather was beautiful and the group was excited to get out-of-doors and play a while in the desert.

From a pile of rocks and a design drawn in the dirt, they pieced together a seven-circuit labyrinth that measures 21′ in diameter. A walk into the center and back out again covers a distance of 56 yards.

The labyrinth design is 3,200 years old, originating on the Island of Crete. After the construction was finished, the group learned how to incorporate a labyrinth walk into their spiritual practice. The labyrinth walk can be used for prayer, meditation, or just plain-old-fashioned relaxation. We walked the new labyrinth in silence, amazed how a light sprinkle of rain fell on us as we began.

A few days later a patient reported seeing a double rainbow while walking the labyrinth. As he reports it: “My therapist suggested I walk the labyrinth to help me work on finding my Higher Power. First I see the rainbows. And then it rains, and minutes later, the sun comes out. So, I just threw my hands up and said, “OK. I get the message!”

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